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Reviewed in the United States on September 6, 2021
Scarred Empire is of course the perfect follow up to Savage Empire.....
this author creates a desire to know more about Damien and Anais...

To say a cliche' here there are so many pieces to Damien and Anais, a puzzle you have to piece together. While they both want the same thing they aren't even on the same page yet they lack communication and trust in each other.. becomes this blinding issue.

The story creates a constant push/pull relationship. One minute they want each other and the next one wants to kill the other. But their inner battles aren't so much with each other as within themselves.

With her father being shot and not knowing who did it Damien is taking no chances with Anais safety. While his methods of protecting her are a tad to the extreme she goes along with everything. I think he blackmails her because he feels it's the only way to get her to be with him when in fact she's crazy about him and all he has to do it ask.

This author ....Bri Blackwood .....has mastered the art of a cliffhanger.
Once again book two has left me having to get book three ... I truly wish if an author can't complete a story they would put a header or a notice of such ....
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4.5 out of 5
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