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Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2018
After reading about the rivets breaking and nuts/bolts being loose, I opened the chair and carefully sat down on it. It didn't break and was comfortable.
However, there was a loose nut and bolt on one of the legs of the chair which I tightened. (quality control issues)
As an engineer, I can say that there are design flaws that need to be addressed. The metal poles that connect to the legs and hold the weight of a person are attached by a small, thin piece of L shaped metal that's held together by the lock nut and bolt. I cannot see this L shaped piece of metal lasting very long due to its thinness and the amount of force on it. I can definitely see the chair breaking should someone sit down on it hard or after repeated use.
So, while comfortable and at a better height than most collapsible chairs, the designers still have some work to do to improve it.
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