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Reviewed in the United States on June 6, 2014
5-Point Seat Belt Secure? Check.
Deep Breath? Check.
Shoulder Role? Check.
Curb Excitement? Hell No!

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! We have monsters (of course) threatening the first ever Monster Hunter Convention. And where else do you have a convention of this magnitude? Las Vegas of course. And the strip will never been the same.

What can I say. It was good :D...okay great...okay freaking fabulously fun. Dinner buffets gone awry, bodies flying, hotel rooms that turn into vengeful landscapes that birth nightmares from memories, big hairy spiders wreaking havoc, dark and scary holes in the ground, kidnapped chickens, dragons, alps, orcs and Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

Take all these formidable foes and heroic hunters and throw them together into an otherworld that is out of this world and what we witness is a death race that makes Death Race look like a girl guide cookie drive.

We get some good news in this installment, we have a few bittersweet reunions, a few shocking revelations, some good character growth, fantastic fight and battle scenes, some funnies and some somber moments that clench your gut.

Highly recommended to anyone and everyone. Come one, come all. Read and enjoy!
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