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Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2018
As described. Did the job. Well made and sturdy, but not super precision (hence the price). A item of interest: I used the included case spanner to remove the screw back on my Seiko Titanium watch, for which the notches on the back are 34 mm apart; this is the largest span for this tool. This kit includes a holder for the watch which helps if the back is very tightly screwed down. The hardest part of replacing the battery is getting the case back to thread properly when replacing it. Need to be patient to avoid cross-threading, which would ruin the case. Also for Seiko quartz watches, pay attention to the sticker inside the back that says to short the battery + to the "AC" terminal after battery replacement. (You may require a loupe to see the "AC" stamped near the terminal; it may also have an arrow pointing to it.) Just use the conductive tweezers in this kit or a bent paperclip to do the shorting. Evidently removing the battery scrambles something in the watch's electronics that must be reset (AC = All Clear?) for the watch to operate normally. In my case, without the reset, the watch would stop after a few minutes.
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