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Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2013
So printer ink is expensive but it's required even in this paperless society, but Brother has started to play the same tricks as HP. Once an ink cartridge runs out, printing won't work (at least true on the recent 2011 and newer MFPs). No scanning, no faxing, and no printing (even when not using that color).

If that happens to you, you can "trick" the printer by covering the clear plastic on the print cartridge with colored tape. You can see the area to cover by looking for the float lever in the cartridge (turn it upside down and you'll see it appear and disappear). Put the cartridge back in and the printer will register the ink as full since it thinks the float lever is up and you're good to go.

Edit: If you got in the habit of unplugging the printer when not in use to avoid the printer from automatically using a little ink as it automatically cleaned the heads, be careful. If the unit is unused for too long, the print heads will clog up with dried ink. The built in "heavy" cleaning may not work to unclog the heads at which point you'll either have to find a way to clear the heads manually (check youtube) or just toss the printer. I went the latter route and now have a laser printer - no more ink for me.
I suppose if you're going to have to buy ink, getting this 2 pack of the large refills is the best best unless you want to try your luck at the ink refill shops. It worked out as the best price for me.
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