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Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2014
In my considered opinion as a retired cop, no crime fiction author does it better than Michael Connelly. His novels featuring Harry Bosch are the most accurate, realistic portrayals of elite detectives solving the toughest cases. Mr. Connelly has remained true to this approach with his latest Harry Bosch novel, "The Burning Room".
I have read every one of Michael Connelly's novels, and I have always identified with Harry Bosch. We are of similar age, and I grew up in Southern California, so it's a very familiar location. When it comes to investigations, I wasn't in his league, but I worked with some of the finest detectives in the Pacific Northwest, whose passion and approach paralleled Harry's. So I truly "get" Harry Bosch.
"The Burning Room" is Harry Bosch (and Michael Connelly) at his very finest. There is nothing contrived or artificial in the plot, the characters are sharply-drawn when required, and sufficiently murky when not. The plot includes real events from Los Angeles history, which are woven seamlessly into the cold cases Harry and his new partner, Detective Lucia Soto, as assigned to solve.
I pre-ordered this novel last week, downloaded it onto my Kindle early Thursday morning, and finished it just now (Saturday morning).
Even though it felt like the experience ended too soon, I didn't feel cheated by how "The Burning Room" finished with the perfect tone, nothing bogus about it.
If you are a fan of Harry Bosch novels, I predict you will enjoy every minute of "The Burning Room". One caveat to my glowing recommendation: If this is the first Harry Bosch novel you plan to read, it won't have nearly the same emotional impact as it will for devoted followers. Yes, it stands on its own, but "The Burning Room" truly benefits from context.
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