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Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2010
I like some of these episodes of King of the Hill, but I've had to exchange some of my seasons three times. The placement of seasons 3 through 6 in the disc holder are damaging the discs. My first order of seasons 1 through 6, except 1 and 2 had quite a bit of damages on the discs. The discs are all two-sided, but seasons 3 through 6 had the last two discs on top of one another. This produced alot of scratches and smears.

My replacement set of seasons 3 through 6 came in. The new sets of seasons 3 through 6, except season 5 came in three different dvd holders with a little scratches on some of the discs. It also shows on the box the different episodes and pictures on each discs. Season 5 does not. Season 5 came in one attached dvd holder with cheap plastic that flaps the discs around as before, and had the same damages on the same discs.

When are these companies going to learn that skipping on quality to save a dollar never makes sense. Look at the time and money that have been spent in receiving and returning these items. I hope that the last season 5 I receive will be in better condition than the other two. If not, Amazon says I can receive a refund after returning the dvd. Four stars for the show, but 1 star for the poor quality of packaging along with two-sided discs turnouts by these companies.
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