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Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2015
Healing relationships, PTSD, Financial back-stabbing and HEA's
Susan Mallery has written a beautiful story of life and looking forward. Easy to follow storyline. Believable characters, with distinct personalities. Entertaining and informative dialogue.

Michelle, a medically retired vet returns home to find out her inn is deeply in debt.

Carly, single mother of Gabby, works at the inn believing she was buying into it.

They both struggle through a friendship broken by both families and loving the same man.

Great dialogues:

“You can. You don’t want to. There’s a difference.”

"I’m going to kill you.”

Mango patted her shoulder. “If I had a nickel for every time someone threatened me, I’d be a rich man. Five more, Michelle. Don’t make me use my physical-therapist voice. You won’t like it.”

“People have trouble admitting when they act for purely selfish reasons. Telling the truth about something like that forces them to redefine their sense of self. So they make up a story. We all do it. Tell stories to explain the unexplainable. To get by. Sometimes the stories even help us survive that which would otherwise destroy us.”

“I don’t want to let him back in my life,” she murmured. “I want him to go away. Is that bad?”

Pauline touched her arm. “The idea that we have to unconditionally love our parents, no matter what they do to us, is a crock of sh@@." She grinned. “So to speak.”

I will re-read this story and always look forward to works by this author.
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