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Reviewed in the United States on October 28, 2020
*This review contains some spoilers.*

Lupine: Wanted by Wolves is the second installment of Hanleigh Bradley's Lupine in the Silver Springs Series. The book seems to pick up shortly after the first one. Lupine discovers that she is pregnant, but doesn't know how to tell her mates about it. However, when she finally decides to tell them, the moment is ruined by the creepy twins and the mates don't seem too excited by the concept.

Lupine feels hurt and angry by their response to the news. This puts a strain on their relationship because it is discovered that it is not that the guys aren't happy about the arrival of the baby, however, it means that the prophecy seems to be coming true, much to their chagrin.

The baby is supposed to bring the two mafia families, the Cortesse's and the Rossi's together. However, Rossi wants her dead! In addition, Lupine's nightmares of Rossi coming to kill her baby is sending her emotions into overdrive.

She goes to Evanora, (the witch who cast the spell to keep Lupine hidden from Rossi) tells her that Lupine will make the right choice. Once Lupine leaves she seems more confused as to how to deal with everything that is going on.

Eventually, the guys come around but they are in full protection mode over her because of the impending danger. So they throw her a baby shower much to her dismay. On the day of the baby shower, Ariella (one of the creepy twins) warns that something bad is going to happen at the shower. After first no one takes the child seriously, however as the time gets closer to the attack, everyone is on edge.

Rossi's men attack the orphanage and a big fight ensues amongst both groups. In the fray, Ariella gets kidnapped. Lupine blames herself for the kidnapping and tells the guys that she is going to get the child back. Juniper and Castalia perform a locator spell and the group goes off to confront Rossi.

Rossi takes up at the Cortesse's gym, where he is holding Ariella hostage. Lupine rescues Ariella, but not before facing off against Rossi. Almost instantly, there is an attraction to the Italian wolf. He admits that he wants to kill her, even though he is in love with her.

Rossi doesn't want to love her, Lupine is confused. They kiss much to the shock and hurt of her mates. This marks their mating bond. He tells her to leave because he doesn't want to be with her regardless of whatever the prophecy says.

Feeling dejected Lupine leaves not sure how she feels about Rossi. She knows that she shouldn't be so drawn to him because he is dangerous, but there is something about him that she wants. Lupine wants him to be her mate.

Lupine makes the choice to have him as her mate, despite the reservations from the other four. She goes off to see him and sparks fly between the two. She decides that see wants Rossi as her mate despite everything he had done the day before.

He accepts...his and her only hope is that the other four, are as accepting. Fingers crossed.

What I liked about this book that Bradley was able to show Lupine taking charge. She is a princess and sometimes being a princess, there are difficult decisions you have to make. It wasn't an easy choice bringing Rossi into the fold, since he had tried to kill her in the first place. The other four who are sworn to protect Lupine, have no choice but to abide by what she says. So if her heart tells her that Dario is who she wants to be with then she should be able to have him.

In addition, I liked how she was showcased just how powerful Lupine could be. Lupine kills one of Rossi's men in shifter form...the first book talked about how Lupine didn't want to be taken lightly and finally, she gets to show it here in Wanted.

I can't wait to see what happens next in the third book!
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