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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2018
These chairs have a lot of potential but fall short. A few modifications to the design and they would be much better. The angle between the chair seat and back is to upright. It is basically a 90 degree angle. This needs to be relaxed some. If the chair is on an uneven surface with the rear higher than the front it is very uncomfortable and you have to work against the shocks to get a somewhat comfortable position. If the back was less upright this would not be a problem. Even on flat surfaces this can be an issues if you have been sitting a while. The pads on the armrests are no long enough. The tend to slide towards the back of the chair leaving a good 6 inches or so of the front of the armrest uncovered and bare metal. Lastly the cup holder pocket is a joke. There is only one attachment point and the cloth is not rigid and moves a lot. There is a very high probability you will spill your drink and if you are trying to use a red solo cup it is almost guaranteed.
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