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Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2019
This is not the Jack Ryan that you were used to seeing in the movies. This is not the Jack Ryan from the books. This is a Jack Ryan that has been brought into the 21st century. If you are looking for the old story, it's not quite here. Because this is New Canon. There will be aspects of the old storyline here, but most of it is going to be new characters, new places, new adversaries, new things. You will see things in this series that you don't necessarily see in the movies or the books. But it is well worth the watch. I really enjoy the Eight Episodes of each season. I'm kind of bummed I have to wait a full year to get another batch. But if you were looking for the old, and you're not quite with the new, this might not be for you. Take it with a grain of salt. I love the new take. It's a little more origin of the character, then it is of what we have seen before.

Some of the origin story has changed. But this is not the first time it has been done, because Jack Ryan shadow Recruit had similar changes.

First season has some sex. It's an adult TV show. It's going to have sex. I don't see it as smut. If what you see, is something that you consider smut, I would hate to see what you think of actual intercourse.

The second season is a bit more fast-paced. Which I enjoy. Because I love the action. I enjoy military-based drama and action. So I really love the show. If you're looking for a different take on the Jack Ryan genre, I encourage you to watch.
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