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Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2019
The other day I sat on an exercise bike at the gym, spellbound, as I read this book and 55 minutes passed as though 5 minutes!!! Wow! So eye-opening. It explains why my mother's insistance when I was a depressed teen that I just think more positively didn't work and in fact just taught me to feel ashamed! Not that I blame my mother, her mother suffered from depression and my mother learned not to ask for too much and to just fend for herself. I kind of Thank God I don't have children myself though because I surely would have passed those things onto them! I have been in therapy for 15+ years and learned a lot, but this book really explains the INSIDIOUSNESS of Emotional Neglect. It really is about what one did NOT get. Not that I have to be a victim any longer, I can change and get help. But the scars from not not feeling heard or taken seriously throughout my childhood are real. CEN while usually 100% unintentional FEELS like abuse and wounds run very deep from my experience. Grateful to learn more about it and have a name for it!!!
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