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Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2017
Swift of the Sun by Karen Bovenmyer

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The reading held my interest from beginning to end. To say that this book is a period tale of survival through skill and intuition would ignore an underlying theme. In my opinion, it opens for consideration how do we trust the instinct to love. When life suddenly takes away who you are and replaces it with extreme cruelty, and deprivation. Aside from the exciting scenarios from beginning to end, this underlying theme struck me the most in this reading.

Readers sometime overlook the research involved in creating great fiction. In works like this, every miniscule detail of navies, war and period must become part of the narrative as naturally as conversation between friends. An artfully crafted period piece of mid 1800’s passage through old seas, pirates and treaties of newly freed states in Swift of the Sun are amazingly good.

The reader is transported to the daily shipboard grind and cruel realties of desperately greedy men mixed with sophisticated intrigue. We learn their ways of loving may not always seem genteel but in all ways so needful.


Benjamin Lector is a half Creole born and raised in New Orleans. Eager to prove himself, he beggars his inheritance to buy and smuggle a cargo of guns. As an unskilled seaman, he soon experiences stormy seas that part Benjamin from his investment and almost takes his life. Being ill adapted to survival on what seems a deserted island, he finds himself not alone.

The escape slave Sun (Solmundur Thorvaldson) destroys anyone unlucky enough to land on his private island…a place he intends to keep as his own. Is it gut reaction or animal extinct? A single man washed up on Sun’s forbidden island captures his love and trust. The lost and found Creole Benjamin discovers what he needed most, in the arms of a savage killer.

Death becomes the least of their worries. They find love but must overcome surviving slavery and old enemies.

Main Characterizations

Benjamin Lector is the handsome son of a New Orleans preacher and Creole mother. He is Sun’s (Solmundur Thorvaldson) lover and the teller of the tale.

Sun (Solmundur Thorvaldson) is the blonde savage and escape slave. He is a supreme fighter, and only inhabitant of Dread Island. Understanding only a life of cruelty, he captures the love of Benjamin Lector.


The flow was spot on. Skill in superb creative storytelling made this an enjoyable read and educational, one that I will enjoy reading again.
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