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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 6, 2014
I hated this book! There honestly is not one redeeming quality about it. I read the back of the book and found it had an amazing concept. I could not wait to get it started! Unfortunately it was a terrible read, a yawn fest, random words printed on paper with no gripping or compelling story to be woven with them.
I love reading. I can go through 5 books a month if I have the time. I always have a book ready so if I have an extra five minutes in line at the bank I bring out the book. I always finish whatever book or movie I start no matter what. This book was so bad that I put it down and didn't read ANYTHING for several months, thinking that would motivate me to pick it up and blast through it. Nope. It was that boring!

What did prompt me to finish it was the new release of another authors book that I had been anticipating for some time. I finished it, hoping that in the end she could make it all come together and give me some satisfaction and closure with the characters and the story line. Weak. That is what it was. I feel like I wasted so much time with this book. I will NEVER purchase another book written by Megan Hart. Her concept for the book was on point, she just failed at making it work.
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