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Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2018
I read book eight in this series (the latest one) and after giving it a five star review, I purchased the other seven books in the series. I finished the first book in this series earlier this week and have now finished reading this novel (the second in the series.)

Ben Coes, as an author, has improved in this novel over the first in the series, although not quite up to the latest book, it is still very enjoyable.

If you are going to read this series of books - do so in order of publication, as the books do build on the prior installments. Although, I must say the author brings the new reader up to speed fairly quickly without a full rehashing of all of the prior story line.

This series centers around the character of Dewey Andreas - a former Ranger/Delta operative, that has tried to avoid that world, but keeps getting dragged back into it. In this installment, he has gone to one of the remote "stations" (ranches) in Australia to get away from the results of the first book in the series - he remains there unmolested for a year - while the father of the key terrorist he killed in the first book hunts for him. Needless to say, they find him (otherwise there would not be much of a story). He is warned by his sometimes girlfriend, and eludes the terrorists, and is then dragged into the India/Pakistan war that has started. Enough of the plot line - if you like complicated plot lines this one is pretty good - a bit more straight forward than the superb plot in the first book, but still decent.

Unlike the first book in the series which had a high number of firearm errors, I really only found one that stood out - the author mentions that one of the terrorist bodyguards is carrying a "Glock 33 .357 Magnum". The Glock 33 is actually chambered for the .357 SIG round. The SIG round was developed in the 1990's to give a semi-auto pistol similar stopping power to that of a revolver firing a .357 Magnum round, but the correct designation is 357 SIG.

At times one must suspend reality and to just go along with the plots in these books, the characters, although they bleed, and scar, it never seems really slow them down.
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