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Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2018
This is an outstanding homicide thriller with just the right amount of action and is a very compelling read.

This is actually two homicide stories involving detectives in the Seattle Police Homicide Division. Both narratives move at a steady speed, and keep the action galvanic. The storyline grabs hold from the beginning and doesn’t let go.

The characters are well-developed and have clearly defined personalities. They are believable and might even remind a reader of an acquaintance. The actions are credible, and the stories could very well be true to life. The dialogue is not stilted and the tale is written in such a way that the reader has a good mental image without gory descriptive murder scenarios, lots of foul language or explicit sex scenes. There are enough scoundrels to keep the reader guessing as to who done it! All in all, a very well thought out plot and character development.

A new detective shows up on the scene, and, for various reasons, Tracy takes a dislike to her. Tracy’s colleague, Vic Fazzio (Faz), soon has his own reason to dislike and distrust the newcomer. Faz’s regular partner, Del, is taking a day or so of sick leave. Meanwhile, Faz gets temporarily partnered with the new detective, and her actions cause some serious distrust and anguish for him. Faz’s spouse’s health issues and his newly created job stresses are almost overpowering. When Del and Faz get back together, they work to solve, not only a murder case, but the mystery of who the new detective really is. The story gains momentum and becomes electrifying as Faz finds himself in a prickly situation in which he really could use some help…..maybe a lot of help.

Tracy Crosswhite, along with her partner Kins, is called in to investigate the disappearance of a university student. The girl’s parents hold onto the customs of another time and another country, while the missing girl is an all American girl. When her body is found, there are suggestions of suicide; however, Tracy feels that a homicide probe is the order of the day. The investigation leads to the baring of some surprising secrets of both the murdered girl and her family.

Tracy has a secret of her own that is about to be revealed, and her life is in for a big change.

The stories shift back and forth with expertise, and the reader does not lose track of who, what, where or when. Both tales are put together nicely and end up like a finished jigsaw puzzle with every piece fitting in place perfectly.
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