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Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2021
What a heartwarming Christmas story. Lindsey Carmichael feels she should be happy. She has her dream job and a great apartment. Then she lost the boyfriend that she thought was her forever and at the same time she lost her best friend. She couldn't believe all the signs that were right in front of her. She never considered her fiancee and her best friend were having an affair. Six months later she is still in grief. She decides to take time off from her work and go back home to Wenatchee, Washington. She felt the stress leaving her body as she pulled in to her childhood home.

While at home she reconnects with, Peggy, her childhood best friend. While they were out to dinner Peggy mentioned that the restaurant they were at was owned by Billy Kincade. Billy tormented Lindsey when they were in elementary school. Her friend, Peggy, told her that Billy did that because he had a huge crush on Lindsay. It was while she was home that her life seemed to be turning around and she was smiling. You will have to read the book for the rest of the story and there is much more. Sorry but I cannot go on without spoiling it for you. I loved every minute of this book and didn't want it to end.
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