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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 4, 2014
Rocky runs the Pecan Bayou Gazette. Unfortunately, his building catches fire with him in it. I felt pretty sad about Rocky, but Betsy and her husband, Leo, and two boys had enough problems going on that I didn't worry about Rocky. I just had fun. There is a lot of humor in this cozy. I had to laugh as Betsy used a pink boxed pregnancy test to show what it's like to live in a small town. I always thought living in a small town would be great. After all, I would know everybody and everybody would know me. Now, I'm not so sure about my reasoning. Betsy goes to the pharmacy to quickly and secretly buy a pregnancy test. Impossible. At least, it's impossible in Pecan Bayou, Texas. She switches the pregnancy test off to so many ladies just to get the box in her house that it's like playing musical chairs with this boxed test. With all her secrecy one lady comes to her with a pink blanket for her soon coming baby girl. Well, how does she know it's a girl when Betsy doesn't even know if she's really pregnant? Oh, it's a laugh a minute. Before she's out the door, the cashier calls a friend. "Guess who just bought a boxed pregnancy test?" It's amazing.

With all of Betsy's sick stomach spells, she still has time to try and find out who burnt up the Gazette with Rocky in it. There is a big red herring here. It's a good one too. However, the solution to the murder seemed slightly shallow to me. To me, it didn't the motive didn't make sense. Why.....? Oh well, the reader will have to read this part. I won't give spoilers.

Altogether I like Pecan Bayou and the people in the town. I am anxious to read the first book in the series. I thought it was interesting how Leo, Betsy's new husband, made her think of her first husband who left her after he found out she was pregnant. Betsy isn't sure whether Leo will do the same thing. She has a feeling his working late as a policeman down at the station isn't the whole truth.

There are any number of twigs which are really thick branches to discuss in the cozy. All of which are making Betsy act anxious. She thinks, except for the upchucking, she's acting fine. Zach is her son while Tyler is Leo's son. Tyler is acting perfectly fine. Zach is beginning to act like a man before he's a boy. So you can tell there is a lot going on in Pecan Bayou not to mention again there is no newspaperman or building to print out all the local news. This is an important time. The wrong time for Rocky to go missing. It's Thanksgiving and Christmas will follow soon. Who in the world murdered Rocky and burnt the Gazette down? While you're wondering who murdered Rocky, at the end of the cozy there are quite a few recipes like Pumpkin Squares which is a story in itself. Since Betsy is known for her published hints like how to clean up doggie urine, there are hints in the back of the book also. [...]
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