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Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2017
"I Survived the Eruption of Mount St. Helens" is a really good book. I really wanted to read this book, because Mount St. Helens is not far from where I live. This story has everything I like in a book such as action, cliff hangers, and must have a good description of the characters. Eleven-year-old Jessie Marlowe has lived with the beautiful Mount St. Helens always outside her door step. She's hiked all of its trails, swam in its extremely cold lakes, and had gone fishing in its streams. Just looking at Mount St. Helens out her window made Jess feel calm and relaxed. She knew the mountain was a volcano, but didn’t know that she would witness the greatest volcanic eruption in U.S history!

My first example of why you should read the book is because of all its cliff hangers. For example, on page 25 it reads, “But if it wasn’t skeleton woman, who - or what – was it? ‘It’s the curse!’ Sam screamed. That is a cliff hanger because the 3 kids wondered into “Skeleton Woman’s” (a horror story that says she will curse anybody that comes into her house will be eliminated) and someone comes out of the bedroom wearing a white cloth. Also on page 30 it says, “I think Mount St. Helens is about to erupt.” That is a cliff hanger because the three kids think the volcano is about to erupt. That is why I think "I Survived" has cliff hangers.

I also think "I Survived" has lots of action. For example, on page 25 it says, “But it wasn’t her fear that was making her shake. The whole cabin was vibrating.” That has action because the there is an earthquake scaring the 3 kids. Also on page 65 it reads, “That’s just a steam explosion, right?’ Sam asked weakly.” That has action because the mountain blew up when the kids are all alone. That is why "I Survived" has lots of action.

Lastly, "I Survived" has an amazing description of characters. For example, on page 5 it says, “Looking across at the twins, Jess saw the two matching buzz-cut heads, four identical green eyes, and about ten thousand freckles.” That is a great description of characters because I rarely read a such a detailed narrative like that in books!

Throughout the story, Jess and the twins all learn to never give up hope. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. This is by far one of my favorites and I hope it will be yours in the nearby future!
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