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Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2015
I received these perfect canning bags actually, a day before expecting them, which was awesome for me! I really needed them. You receive the three legs that screw into the top ring. The legs so have little tiny nuts that you can take off and don't HAVE to put back on, if you don't want to, but I save them and put them back on after use so they don't get lost. You also get 2 ( TWO) jelly screening bags that work PERFECTLY for making nut milks or coconut milks. I LOVE that there is no drawstring to lose. You slide the bag ( easily) over the metal ring, then turn the bag centered upright, then the top of the bag along with the weight of the contents of whatever your milking or straining will keep it from coming off the metal ring. With two bags, you can then go to straining your next item, without having to stop and clean the first one! I make a LOT of nut milks and coconut milks, and these work BETTER than using cheesecloth, or other nut milk bags I've tried. I don't have any particulates in my milks, and the bag is not absorbent like cheesecloth, so I get more of my milks in return for my work.

The ring is about 6 1/4 " in diameter. The bag if measured flat and not on the ring is 9" x 9". And the legs stand 11" tall. When assembled, you then spread the three (3) legs over a bowl, equally distant, ( it has hooks on the bottom of the legs to keep them I'm place) and pour whatever your going to strain into the bag. I then let it naturally drain as much as possible. Then, ( if hot I let it cool, or use a silicone pad to protect my hands) I CAREFULLY take the bag off the ring and wring out as much juice or milk as I can WITHOUT putting too much pressure on the bag, to get as much product as I can!

The bags have been VERY easy to clean. Haven't stained, and don't seem to have any problems with particulates sticking to them. I hand wash them because they are so quick and easy.

They are NOT natural cotton, though. The bags ARE made with nylon.

It IS a sturdy STEEL frame, IF put on the right sized bowl and you put the legs equal distances apart. If you try to put it on too big a bowl, or crowd the legs up, it will fall. Best to set it up, and give the bag a little tug (downwards) in the middle with you fingers, just to give it a little test, to make sure you set it up in a stable way. Also when you start pouring in whatever your straining, start SLOWLY, just in case. It would be a awful waste to lose all your yummy work, just because you didn't check to see if you set up your strainer right!

For making coconut milk, I use 1 3/4cup SHREDDED coconut, and 2 cups of boiling water. I add those to a ALMOST covered blender. ( do not cover completely or the steam will make it explode everywhere!) I also use a kitchen towel to CAREFULLY and lightly cover where the opening in the top of the blender is. I then blend the coconut and water for 60 SECONDS. Pour it out into the already set up strainer bag, and let it drain. Then i CAREFULLY take the bag off of the ring, and using silicone pads, wring out as much coconut milk as I can, WITHOUT putting too much pressure on the bag. I get ALMOST 2 cups of coconut milk from this. Much more than when I was using cheesecloth! And easier to clean up afterwords....
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