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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 6, 2012
This is a light romance between a ordinary 16 year old girl who falls for a vampire, who doesn't want to be evil.

Twilight starts a PG rated series that's great for all ages. This is the series that started a vampire fascination that still hasn't stopped. It's great for those who have a weak stomach or those who don't like vampires at all. It's laid back and very relaxing for older adults, while still being aimed at teens. If you hate vampires and the paranormal, prepare to be swayed. Meyer opens a whole new world that we'd love to live in. Give this series a try and the next time you go to Walmart, you'll find yourself searching the young adult section. It's slow paced as Meyer paints a beautiful setting, with Bella being a daughter we'd all like to have. With romance, light comedy, and some ending nail biting tension the book is a must read.

The negative.
It's very slow paced with a lot of detail. Probably too slow for young readers who need a lot of action. I don't think there is any action until page fifty. Meyer might try to write too beautiful. She must use a record number of words to describe copper hair, and golden brown eyes. I had to go by her first description because I didn't understand several of the words she used. There are many editing errors and a couple sections that should have been edited and copied to the paragraph before it. Most of them should be blamed on the editor IMO. The vampires are too powerful and too hard to kill. It seems to take a nuclear blast, or another vampire or paranormal creature.

Edward, the vampire, might be considered too perfect, but he has his flaws. He could be considered a bit of a pervert, but I don't think so. His weirdness actually adds comedy and more to the relationship. He's actually very morally sound. He's dedicated, mature, and very responsible. He's also too pushy. Sometimes I thought he was going to be one of those guys who beats his wife, but later I saw I was wrong. He's just over protective. Almost criminally so.
As others have said, the side characters are one dimensional, but still very good. Most books don't show us anything of the side characters. Well most of Meyers do. It might be one thing, but at least it's something. They have very strong voices, and you'll remember every one. Even what they look like. Some new books today don't even describe the main character well. I honestly wish the books were longer to get more of them.
Bella... The daughter everyone wants. Reading this story from her view makes you want to be a better person. Yes, she's a great role model for every teenage girl out there. She's very mature, responsible, long suffering, and loving. She does her homework and chores. She tries to always put her parents above herself and she isn't whiny. She's a normal ordinary looking girl with above average intelligence, and no athletic ability. She's also brave. One of the great things of this series, is that a ordinary girl, surrounded by super powers, might end up being the hero.
Her flaws. Well falling in love with a vampire. She's a bit insecure, but who wouldn't be with Edward? She also lets him boss her around too much, but she is in love.

Some answers to other negative post with SPOILERS.
People don't like Bella...
Why in the world not? Is she too perfect? I don't think so, she's perfect to me, but falls to temptations other teens do as well. She took cold medicine just to sleep. Just the once, but the attitude is there. In later books she shows a little of a criminal side by debaiting if love should make you overlook murder. She shows she can make mistakes too. I explained my other views above. Some say she whines too much. That's not true. She mentally complains in her head about having to move to Forks. This is very believable. She came from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. When I was a teen, I had a friend move to Tennessee from Florida and he complained all the time. And it doesn't even rain a lot in Tn. Bella didn't even complain out loud! Edward picked the information from her and she admitted she hated it to him. We hear some complaints in her head over the first of the book, but it's not too much. By the end of book one she even likes Forks. Trust me.
Bella comes to small town and everyone likes her...
This isn't just believable, it's highly likely. It's also not completely true. First Loren hates Bella, and Jessica uses her. I'd say ninety-nine percent of new students get the same attention Bella did. They don't always get negative attention. Espescially a average looking girl. Most guys like all girls anyway. She's a novelty. Espescially transfering in the middle of the year. Plus it's a small town. Bella is also introverted. That will keep the attention up.
We don't see what Edward see's in Bella...
No we don't see enough. He likes her facial expressions. He's intrigued by her smell, and by the fact she's the only person ever who's mind he can't read. She calls his name in her sleep. She shows that she can be trusted. There is some little stuff, but not enough. Even so, haven't you heard of love at first sight? We don't get much, but we get a little more than that. I've read a lot of teen books and Twilight gives us a lot more in the romantic department. Romance is very hard to write and most authors do the love at first sight.
The vampires are shiny...
Ok it adds more PGness to the story, but I've read much worse. Some vampires can telaport to other countries, and control human minds. Some can even turn human again. How crazy is all of that? Sparkling seems minor too me, but Twilight got me started on vamps.
These vampires aren't killers...
The Cullens aren't. Most are. Remember this is a book best for people new to the vampire world, or who couldn't get into the violent ones. This is the book that showed some vampires to be good.
Reading this book, I started trying to read the evil vampire books too, but I can't find them. I read The Vampire Lestat, and compared to this, it stinks. Lestat had character, but was also homosexual and wanted his mother. Rice put terrible details, and her story was boring a lot of the time. She had one comedy scene, and she did it wrong to where it wasn't even funny. Rice goes into everything a vampire can possibly do, but in little detail. She dazzles us, but doesn't tell us much of anything. I couldn't find Interview with a Vampire, but heard it was in the same mold. Meyer explains everything slowly and in great detail. She gives us a great idea of how much vampires can see, and how far they can hear.
Bella and Edward don't progress...
I'm rereading the series now for the tenth plus time, but I think that's right. They progress on some small stuff, like finding Romance, Bella liking Forks now, sex, marriage but not much. We do see huge progression in book four, and a lot of bestselling books don't have progression at all.

Twilight won't win awards from the critics, but look at what it's done. Twilight has changed our world. Many adults are now looking in the YA sections when they never considered it before. Vampires are popular again. Meyer has opened the door the other authors with series like Morganville Vampires, Vampire Academy. Just about every new book about vampires is on the shelves because of Twilight. Vampire Academy is my second favorite and in some ways it's better than Twilight, but if it hadn't been for Twilight, I would have never bothered. Some authors are writing a vampire novel just to get interest in their own material. Like VC Andrews.
And don't overlook that Twilight is PG rated. That is a miracle. How many authors can write a book anyone from eight to ninety can read and enjoy? It's hard to write a book, and even harder to write one while keeping the violence and romance clean, yet still enjoyable. In book three I wasn't even sure if Bella cut herself or not until I saw the movie! A little blood wouldn't have hurt this books rating anyway.
Meyer also keeps this paranormal fiction slightly possible. I don't believe in Vamps, but it's impossible to prove they don't exist. So there is a one percent chance Twilight could really happen. That makes the book easier to loose yourself in. Twilight feels real. Harry Potter on the other hand has time travel, magical everything, and every paranormal creature you can think off. I'm not bashing Harry Potter, I just mean that series would be easier to write and keep everyones attention. The more action, magic, and sex you use, the easier the book is to write. Meyer is outstanding keeping the pages turning without having to throw action or magic at us every few pages.
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