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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 4, 2018
This is the third novel in the Tracy Crosswhite Series. I had just finished the sixth novel in this series, and I knew that I needed to go back and read the only novel in the series that I had not read.

The novel opens in southern Washington state with the death of a young Native American woman in 1976. The death is ruled a suicide, but a brand new deputy sheriff, Buzz Almond, doesn’t believe so. He does a thorough investigation. He has his suspicions but the investigation turns cold.

The storylines jumps to modern day — 2016 in this case. Tracy receives a call of a shooting in an upper-class community. It was domestic violence where the husband was shot by the wife. The wife’s father is a prominent and contentious defense attorney. It looks like an open and shut case, but all isn’t as it seems and becomes quite complex very quickly.

The storyline moves to southern Washington with the funeral of Buzz Almond. Tracy and her boyfriend, Dan, are invited to the funeral by Jenny Almond, Buzz’s daughter. Jenny was a classmate of Tracy’s at the Police Academy. She became homesick and returned home to follow in her father’s footsteps. She asks Tracy to review the case file that her father had kept all those years of the young Native American woman’s death to see if there was something there. While the death did not occur within her jurisdiction, she would grease the skids with the local police for Tracy. Tracy accepts but must clear it with her captain and longtime nemesis. Both storylines proceed with interesting twists and turns that captured and maintained my attention throughout the entire novel.

The B-storyline is rich. The relationship between Tracy and her boyfriend, Dan, is maturing with significant steps occurring in this book. The major B-storyline concerns Tracy’s partner, Kins, and his marriage. These B-storylines are woven into the main storylines very naturally and enrichens the enjoyment of the novel for me.

This novel uses only four f-bomb and a few more minor uses of vulgar language. All of it was consistent with the characters and situation. There wasn’t any graphic sex. Therefore, these two areas should not stop anyone from reading this novel. The author provides adequate backfill for any points from the previous novels that pertain to this novel.

As I wrote at the start of this review, I recently completed the sixth novel in this series. I enjoyed that novel so much that I just needed to go back read the one novel that I had skipped. I really enjoyed reading this novel. I give it five stars and strongly recommend it to all to read.
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