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Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2014
Fantastic novel! So much better than the Honorverse books!

I enjoy the Honorverse books, but they do drag on a bit, and get way, way, WAY redundant with endlessly detailed descriptions of things Weber has already described in detail. "In Fury Born" has none of that. It's detailed, but not overly pendantic.

The development of the main character is terrific. The story is incredibly rich, deep, and complex. The evolution of the story through three major episodes all within the one volume is fantastic. I LOVE the fact that this is a true full length self contained novel, with a beginning and ending, without the need to stretch this on into endless serials. This book is a fantastic value, and extremely enjoyable to read.

David Weber takes all the great qualities of character development, gritty battle scenes, innovative technologies, futuristic capabilities and weaves them all into an exciting novel. I am so glad I read this and so glad to have immensely enjoyed a Weber novel instead of merely appreciated it.
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