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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 11, 2020
Bought this because my wife keeps misplacing her keys. Friends recommended so we bought one to try. It finds whatever is attached. But at a privacy price. Location must be set to "Always". So basically Tile is able to track all your movements. I really dislike this feature. If wife looses her keys I turn it on long enough to find them. This works if the keys are in the same vicinity. For example in the house where there is WIFI connection and the tracking cell phone is within bluetooth range of the Tile device. But if she were to leave them somewhere else, we would only find them if location is set to always at the time they disappear. In other words, Tile needs the location history to locate the lost item. It seems like the perfect device for any government or corporation, foreign or domestic, to collect movement history and do who knows what with that knowledge. Even better, we bought the device and voluntarily gave them the right via the software license. I'm going to make some spare keys...
Pros: It works to find stuff
Cons: Sacrifice privacy and expose yourself to unknown entities tracking your every movement
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