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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 23, 2019
My daughter loves the doll so much she got a stroller a high chair and new clothes for it . its like its her real baby she treats it like its real i my self think its adorable she dresses it up every single day and when we eat she gets her baby bottle and feeds her the same time she eats, my daughter takes her everywhere i even carry the baby and i think its real and my daughter named her hazel and is always making sure the doll is comfortable she acts like its a real baby she buckles her up in a stroller and carries the stroller even when she goes upstairs even when she goes to a restaurant or a fast food place she gets the high chair there and just puts the doll in she kisses it when she decides its time for it to go to sleep then one time in the morning she wanted me to bring the baby after school so when she gets in the car the baby is in the car but then i forgot and i came to get her and she asked and i said sorry i forgot she started crying because she feels like it needs company and attention i cant say how much she loves this baby but i think i wrote to much but this is how she feels about the doll she doesn't dislike anything about it and i highly recommend this to any little girl and my daughter is 9 and she doesn't think shes to old for a baby doll and when shes older ,i'm very confident that she is going to be a good mother
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