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Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2019
This turned out better than I expected for the price. I also have a Chicco NextFit zip almost exactly like this and it was twice as expensive. I like several things better about this car seat, one its cheaper lol, two, the crotch buckle strap is longer! Finally. This doesn't smash my lo's thighs as bad as the chicco. Three the side pieces that go to the crotch buckle are easier to dig out. Four, the strap adjustment is so hard to use in the chicco and so easy in this seat. The things I'm not so thrilled with-its not easy to install, as with every other latch strap car seat attachment getting the strap to tighten is an exercise in gymnastics and irritation for me. I'm actually going to just take this to the police station and let them deal with it. It's tight enough, but not as tight as I'd like it. Chicco's system is way better here. Also, the seat tilt is on the front down at the bottom. You cannot change the tilt after securing this car seat down rear facing. I also feel it is not as secure on the back of the car seat as the Chicco is, there is more wiggle. Over all, anyone not wanting to spend $200 plus on a car seat this is a great choice, I'd buy it again.
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