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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 15, 2018
I've been using Royal Purple all these years for my car and recently switched to Valvoline for the value. Plus my car was way over due for an oil change so I wanted to use cheap oil to flush out all the old gunk first. Well I have to say I may be sticking to Valvoline now! Heres why. First of all the oil is the standard oil color. Much easier to see when the oil starts to get dirty. With Royal Purple the oil is purple and hard to tell if the oil is getting dirty yet. It's always good to look at your engines oil to make sure nothing is wrong or failing. Second I notice I got better milage with Valvoline. I thought I was getting better milage with Royal Purple, but after my recent oily change I'm seeing slightly better milage. Nothing to brag about, but it is better. Not to mention my car is getting older and now has 70,000 miles. Usually as a car age the milage will decrease right? :) Last is the value. Royal Purple was some Premium oil and coat quite a bit for some purple oil. For the cost of Valvoline I can literally do 2-3 oil changes or the price compared to with Royal Purple. In the long run it adds up.
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