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Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2021
I got a few and thought they were going to do what all normal units do of this type, the hardware seems great with all the extra bells and whistles but its completely lacks sufficient email notification description when an outlet is changed, on/off/delay/.. whatever it may be!
The email notification only states: Outlet X followed by the action/s and the subject always say: PDU EVENT. I’ve also made sure each outlet has a description of what’s plugged in.
What good is the notification if it doesn’t tell you what device was changed other than just saying ‘outlet X’ and no real subject line to reflect the outlet name like APC has done for years! If I had 20 strips then how is anyone to know which outlet on which strip was changed, turned off/on??
I opened a tech ticket but they don’t sound like this is going to be corrected, I may go back to APC if they can’t adjust this so it works like it should. Very disappointed!
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