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Reviewed in the United States on October 8, 2021
The story was OK... what I found irritating was that the main character kept getting described as "strong" and badass, but all she did was wait for things to happen to her. If she's getting harassed for over 3yrs, why didn't she take measures to protect herself.. mace, pepper spray, taser or gun? Something! I couldn't help thinking she was kinda pathetic. Also, who the hell is willing to put their cat out a 2nd story window during a fire but wouldn't try to go out the window herself. Instead stays to burn...

Then there is Jack. He's supposed to be this military biker badass but doesn't have his gun on him during a fight... the gun is mentioned in a previous chapter. I found the whole book irritating. I don't think you can claim characters to be badass and resourceful but then have then waiting around for things to happen to them.
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