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Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2018
Bronzed Betrayals is the fifth book in Ritter Ames’ Bodies of Art Mystery series. The storyline is well thought out, the characters are well rounded and affable, and the plot is full of surprising twists and turns. The story moves along at a quick pace, the dialogue is smart and witty, and the plot is full of twists and turns. Once again, Ms. Ames has skillfully written an intricate story of deception, intrigue, and suspense that kept me engaged. The descriptive writing made me feel like I was in the thick of things. I’m never disappointed when I read one of Ms. Ames’ books. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys reading clean, well-crafted mysteries.

Laurel Beacham, who holds the head position over the London branch of Beacham Foundation, has always loved art and works hard to recover lost, stolen, or forged art. She continues to work with Jack Hawkes, the dashing man who always has her back, and their relationship has recently turned personal. Laurel likes to describe some of her activities in the art world as robbery reversals rather than thefts. Laurel and Jack are attending a birthday bash for a rich Russian and Cassie Dean, her best friend, assistant, and art restoration genius, takes her place, disguised as Laurel, so no one will realize she left the party. Laurel’s mission is to recover a small Rodin bronze bust from the birthday boy’s residence. She successfully enters his home, unlocks the safe with a techno gadget her trusted research wizard, tech genius, and resourceful co-worker, Nico provided for her, only to discover the bronze has a forger’s mark on the bottom. She decides to leave it in the safe, but before she can exit the house, another person enters and not only steals the Rodin but also sets off the alarm system. When she returns to the hotel where she’s currently living, she discovers the body of Melanie Weems, the former museum director of The Browning who had ties to the art crime scene. Laurel fears she’ll become Detective Inspector Timms’ prime suspect because of her history with Melanie. Laurel, once again, loses her luggage; however, this time it’s stolen from her hotel room. Lincoln Ferguson, an up and coming investigative reporter, continues to hound Laurel. Laurel, with the help and support of her team, is narrowing in on the identities of her father and the person responsible for the untimely death of her mother.

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