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Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2011
***********spoiler alert***************

I read Dead in the Family and enjoyed the book. I thought the book tied together many plot threads that were left open. Sookie is maturing and a bit dark in this book. After the fairy war and the pain she suffered, Sookie is adjusting to her pain, mental and physical.

This book gives us more background information about Eric and his maker. It also gives us more information about vampire politics. I can imagine the next book is going to have more about the vampire political battle, and that is why we were given the background information. I felt like CH wanted to reinforce the ideas about how much a vampire is tied to their maker.

I enjoyed Pam in this book, she is one of my favorite vampires. Pam has time with Sookie since they are both tied to Eric. Pam has her usual sense of humor, but also has her warrior spirit. I really enjoyed Pam's character development. Pam shows no remorse for her vampire life and ways.

We also learn more about Claude and Dermont. I still feel like I need more information about fairies. Charlaine Harris gives so many details in the vampire and Were world, I feel like we need to learn more about the fay. I am hoping in the next book we can see more about a fairy's life. Their abilities and powers, their magic. I still believe that Sookie has untapped magic that is fairy magic.

What I didn't like about the book is that Sookie seems darker, more vampire like in her behavior and decisions. Sookie kills a vamp with no remorse. She also wishes death to some and thinks about it often. I don't know if it the result of the torture in the fay wars, or the blood bond, or if her personality is changing permanently. I didn't like the indecision about her relationship with Eric. I am not one of the many who think she should be with Eric forever, but she seems to keep questioning their relationship. Eric is putting his heart out there and Sookie is not. They either need to be together happily, or break up. The blood bond seemed to really effect Sookie in a negative way and I hope it gets broken in the next book. Sookie should not be relieved when Eric goes to sleep for the day because the of the bond. The bond could end up destroying their relationship. There is such a thing as too close. To constantly be aware of your lovers feelings and to actually feel them, mad, sad, scared, anxious, its not good for her emotionally. I really noticed the emotional swings in Sookie's behavior depending on how Eric felt. This detracts from the story.

I would recommend the book to a friend. If you follow the series you should read this book. It's not my favorite book in the series, but I did like it and it gives necessary information for the next book.
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