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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 16, 2017
You Do Something To Me: The Sullivans Book 17 is by Bella Andre. This is a continuation of the Sullivan series. This family is a large extended family where all of the family is wealthy. That in itself does cause some problems. However, being rich is not without its problems.
Alex Sullivan does not like surprises and does not like his Father. He had been forced at the age of five to take care of his siblings, Harry and Drake and Suzanne. Alex blamed his Father for not being able to stop his Mother from her destructive behavior. Now the others are grown up and doing well as is Alex. Alex was mentored by Gordon Whitley and they were partners in S&W Aviation. The company was doing quite well as was Alex’s personal life. That came to a halt when Alex discovered Gordon in his office dead of a heart attack. Devastated over his friend’s death, Alex was blindsided by Gordon’s will. Gordon left half of S&W to his daughter, Cordelia Langley. Gordon had never mentioned having a daughter. Now she owned one half of the company! Not if Alex had his way!
Cordelia Langley loved her small, thriving nursery business. She loved helping her customers purchase items to place in their yards or helping them create a great landscape for their property. As the daughter of two school teachers, she was not wealthy; but had a wonderful life with her adoptive parents. Now, she learns who her Father is and that she has a billion-dollar stake in an aviation company. She had no desire to learn anything about her biological father and doesn’t even now. She doesn’t want the money, just wants out. She braces herself as she looks at the imposing building, takes a breath, and enters.
Sounds like an easy solution- he wants to buy her out and she wants out. However, suddenly, Alex doesn’t like the easy solution. He feels the need to help her cope with her inheritance before letting her lose with it. What can this lead to?
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