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Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2009
Oh my this book was awesome. I like Bill, but this book made me look at Eric a whole new way. I already can't wait to read the next installment. Sookie really just wants to be "normal". She seems real tired of all the drama that is within her life. She fines out that Bill is going to Peru to do more research for his vampire catalog, and while driving home from work she find Eric running through the woods "lost". She stops to help me and realizes that he has no memory of anything. Pam and Chow find Sookie and Eric and they decide that Eric will stay hidden with Sookie since Witches are looking for him. As Eric is staying with Sookie... he is kinder, sweeter, gentler that ever before. Sookie starts to realize that she likes this side of Eric. It is not long before Sookie and Eric are intimate, which Harris wrote beautiful I might add! Sookie even though is loving being with the nicer Eric and distraught because Jason is missing. No one knows were he is, and everything is trying to help Sookie find him with no avail. Sookie and the Vampire crew decide that they need to go after the Witches and the rest of there clan. The Vampires actually teamed up with the Weres, Wiccans, and the Shifters from Hotshots (these guys are an incest clan of Weres that you later in the book find out are were-panthers) The fight between the Witches and the Vamp, Weres, Shifter and Wiccans was pretty great. Alcide basically banished Debbie from him which was AWESOME, but the is a not a big surprise (awesome but not a big surprise) at the end for about Debbie!! We also meet a Fairy for a short while, she was kind of cool (hopefully she will be in the books again??) The fairy seems to have some type of beauty that the Vampires can't seems to turn away from. As soon as they saw her they wanted to her, though she didn`t want anything to so with them. That was interesting!! Jason is found with the help of the leader were-panther. I can't wait to read more about Jason transformation in the next book. All in all Eric does get his memory back and remembers nothing of the time and caring between himself and Sookie. I really hope that he will sooner or later, because it brought out such a beauty between Erin and Sookie. This book was so great because of those two characters.

I have always like Bill and most likely I will keep likely Bill, but Eric other side was wonderful (Don`t get me wrong, his "bad side" was awesome too but WOW he was fantastic here). Maybe you can think about it as Eric truer side, loving side was revealed in this book. Maybe, maybe not... I don't know but I must keep reading these books and I hope you do too!!
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