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Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2019
I was pleased to note that we get to preview two titles this month.

First, though, I want to speak a little about my status as a reviewer. At church, today, the sermon was about humility. Such a topic was perfect for me, because it reminded me how fallible I am as a reviewer, or as a human, when I forget there are so many great reviewers at Amazon.

One is a retired Navy chief. While I may not agree with his political conclusions, I always learn from his reviews, due in large part, to his logic.

Another is an up and coming reviewer who posted a terrific review of “The Dressmaker’s Gift,” by Fiona Valpy.

There are many other better reviewers, but both of these two are people to follow. I will welcome either to #1 status when they take over as such, soon.

I apologize to those offended, but, sometimes, it helps one to recall what motivates them to do what they enjoy. I ENJOY reading and sharing. I am not the best. Only the most fortunate.

Now, on with my review.

“Quantum” by Patricia Cornwell is a fast-paced page turner that kept my interest throughout. In addition, it has some intriguing animations that, alas, I took far too little time to observe and analyze. (Probably because I read it using my Kindle app on my iPad.)

Although billed as a suspense novel, I thought it was more humorous and a lighter read than suspense. Otherwise, the writing and editing is flawless, and thoroughly professional.

BLUSH FACTOR: Suitable for all audiences. Safe to share with anybody you want to.


In my new effort to strive for brevity, let me end my review here, by stating, four stars out of five. Why not five? Too little character development.
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