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Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2017
For the price, this is an excellent MP3 player with a few shortcomings.

While I found the provided earbuds uncomfortable, matched with a modest set of headphones this device produces warm, well-balanced sound, satisfactory (so far) with all genres without resorting to equalizer games.

The battery life is proving likely to be as advertised, even when leaving the backlight on at all times. I'm over 20 hours use so far and the dent in the battery indicator is modest.

Size and weight are no problem--you barely know the player is there.

The controls are somewhat less than intuitive, but the learning isn't hard to deal with.

Customer service is a little shaky due to (at least with the one rep I dealt with) a language barrier that prevents precise communication. Unfortunately, this is mated with player manual written in "Chinglish" and light on details.

The capacity is there, especially considering that you can use a 64 gb micro sd--but the software sets track limits that are annoying. Unlike the Sansa device, the internal and card memories are not integrated and even with the card you have to set up folder divisions in order to go above a 4000 track limit (at least as I understand the situation). If the AGPTEK folks can alter those two factors, eliminating track limits and integrating th internal and external sources, they will have created a near-perfect player.

As is, though, it is still an excellent value and may prove an even better one as I become more adept at manipulating my way around the firmware limitations.
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