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Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2018
It's hard to give a roll of tape a 5-star review. I have never met a perfect roll of tape. There are always issues. Some issues have been pointed out by other consumers, usually accompanied by frustration, which is understandable. I have experienced them myself. Some of these issues have workarounds, which is why I am posting this review. Yes, sometimes the tape will fall back down onto the roll and be very hard to get back off of it. However, if you'll look at the underbelly of the dispenser, you will see two small hooks sticking out. If you press the end of the roll down on these hooks (more appropriately called platforms), it will stay there until the next time you use it. When putting away the tape after use, the alternative is to bend the end of the tape down under itself to create a tab, which will not stick to the roll.

Another common complaint involves the length of the tape. Yes, these are the small rolls. It might be easier to compare length by yards instead of inches. There are 36 inches in a yard, so a roll of 800 inches is approximately 22 yards. The large rolls are usually 56 yards, so that might make it a little easier to identify roll length sight unseen, since the small rolls look similar to the large ones in the pictures.
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