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Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2020
Ohmygawd this is awful. Schlock isn’t this bad. You wait until like the last 15 minutes to see the actual crab monster, which is even more disappointing than the buildup. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen owe it to yourself to watch it just to see how truly bad, bad can be. The sound fx are even awful. Whenever the crab is on the move it sounds like someone cracking crab legs at the Red Lobster. And you haven’t lived until you hear a crab snore...yes snore.
I finally made it though watching the entire film(I can only take it in small doses) and these are the main points: the professor could have saved Gilligan and the rest with a Morse code thingy which he apparently forgot on crab island, crabs love to burrow, crabs love to take on multiple personalities and stroll the beach at night and pinch off people’s hands, and low budget movie starlets point their ridiculously large gazongas at whatever danger is looming.
As funny as this all sounds, what’s painful is that the movie tries to ‘explain’ giant crab monsters scientifically. The actors try to be serious and treat it like they’re doing Shakespeare in the park and not a low budget B horror movie.
Just skip through to the last 15 minutes or so and that’s the very best of the film—which is super cringe-worthy. I feel traumatized it was sooo bad.
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