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Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2021
Lila is considered the stern, too perfect older Vasquez sister who runs and operates Puppy Promise. They are working with an organization that recommends and supports service dogs for children who have issues with their hearing. She is going to be the trainer for their newest client, a young girl who is receiving a service dog due to her degenerative hearing loss. They are at a fundraiser, and Lila, who doesn't get out much, is dressed in a pink bridesmaid gown. Mistaken by a lost girl as a princess, they strike up a friendship. It just so happens, this is the child, Emily, she will be working with and when she meets her father, handsome, flirty, always-ready-with-a-smile Ford she knows she is in trouble. Ford is happy taking care of Emily and does not have time for relationships, even though he has lots of opportunity, but something clicks when he meets Princess Lila and sees how she treats his daughter.

This story is a sweet and fun romance that is set during the Christmas holidays. It is not what I would consider a Christmas story, but it was enjoyable. I had such a fun time reading this book and getting to know Lila and Ford and cute as a button Emily. Emily picks out her puppy to work with and names him Jeeves von Hinklebottom the Third, too cute, just like the puppy. There were so many heartwarming moments in this book. The meeting of Lila, Ford and Emma is so amazing. Imagine going to a fundraiser in a bubblegum pink dress and being mistaken for a real princess, as well as meeting a swoon worthy dad who is a big flirt, but loves his daughter to pieces. That sets the tone for this story. Lila works hard to train Jeeves and set up her business, but along the way, becomes friends with Emily and falls in love with her as well as her dad. A sweet story, but with one scene that took me by surprise. There is an episode of graphic phone sex, that I did fast forward through. I don't think it was necessary in this story, but it knocked it down a star for me. If you enjoy a story about cute puppies, cute kids, sweet romance and building up self-confidence, then pick this one up. Lauren Sweet narrated the audiobook and does a good job with her emotion, expression and tone. I enjoyed her performance.
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