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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2018
I've enjoyed this series since the first novel patient zero. The amount of detail the author goes into describing even background characters really helps immerse you in the dms/Joe Leger world. In addition the amount of details provided in regards to the technology and equipment used by both sides in each book belies a deep understanding and knowledge only possible through painstaking research.
Unfortunately, in the past two books or so, more so in this latest addition there was a deep political bias ingrained in the story which I found annoying and jarring. Leisure reading is meant to be an escape not preaching political stances that will inevitably alienate at least half of your readers/fans. Prior to this and the penultimate entry into the Joe ledger series, the story has its own politics and intrigue that unfolded as part of the narrative. When you create politics around the Characters you enrich the lore of said character's world, however when you bend them to fit outside politics, you detract from the same.
I'm ok with disagreeing or diametrically opposed political opinion, but I do regret paying to have someone else's shoved in my face rather than get what I meant to be paid for, a good entertaining story.
Ps. Military branches are traditionally supposed to be capitalized as the author forgot to do in the end.
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