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Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2021
If you need something like this, it's a great choice.
Tripp-Lite makes great equipment at quite reasonable prices for the quality. You can get cheaper, but it's cheaper. Electrical equipment has to have tight connections and be assembled correctly or it's a fire hazard, so spend the money.
These are great, I have multiples of them and I'm very happy with them.
Keep in mind with today's proliferation of transformer-equipped power connectors (wall warts) that they're really unsuitable for use on a PDU of this type.
You'll end up being able to use the one outlet in front and every second or third one on the back, depending on the transformer size and configuration. It will eat up your outlet access with the quickness.
Tripp-Lite has a solution, it's not metered, but it's a PDU with wide spacing and vertical orientation of the outlets. I have a couple coming in and will daisy chain them into these metered PDUs to free up the outlets on the back.
Take that into consideration if you're just starting an order, you might want to get both.
I saw some packaged together like that (too late) on Amazon with a modest discount associated with buying the two pieces together.
Plan on putting the metered PDU in your rack above the wide spaced one you daisy chain into, or the transformers and power cords will interfere with the configuration of the outlets on the back of the metered PDU, and you'll be right back where you started.
Need to plug in a pile of conventional plugs and know how many amps your drawing? These rock.
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