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Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2021
The fight scenes get better as the book moves forward. The development of the chapter gets worse. The story gets all over the place, with zero consistency until it crash-lands into a messy puddle of unresolved plots.

Andrew Rowe is such a talented author; what the heck happened here?


This story could have been solved in half a chapter if all the people involved had sat around a table with pen a paper and talked, like regular humans of above 11. Instead, they collectively decide separately to stupidly try to drown themself in a fake “**Popular guys have emo vibe crisis: I'm deep and there is no drama like my drama.**”

Point to Keras for spending all three books trying to get someone to talk. Until, of course, he became wanna be fake emo too.

Half the book could have been called “Do not talk to me! I’m dark and tormented” (add black eyeliner and violin music for effects ).

And the other half should be called “Bad Keras! How to get dominated and blinded by the traumas of your possessive and emotional manipulative sword.”

So are we to accept that this guy managed to survive to his late twenties with his “all solving superpower” sane and in good health, and now he falls in love with a sharp phallic object, and now she is like, “you are right; I can't save everybody if the cost is you mad me oh my beautiful sexy-sword.” This is like that other book where the guy was havening s_x with his donkey, but way worse, this is a freaking knife.

The other issue with the book is the story. It was going very solid and consistent until this book. Then bang! Time to set more plot lines for a sequel series and not solve the plot lines already open ever.

This guy is one of the most talented writers I follow; I'm sad this ended like this.
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