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Reviewed in the United States on October 28, 2017
So I was a little too OCD about buying doopie bags... i read a ton of reviews. I ended up buying these from PetnPet and was not disappointed. They are the same size and thickness of the bags I previously bought. These bags work well for picking up after an 44 lb Australian Shepherd. I really like the green colour, matches her leash, harness, winter coat, life jacket- like I said I’m a bit OCD. Haha. Bottom line- good deal good bags. If you care about people seeing what you are carrying in these bags get the black ones. If you don’t, make yourself happy and brighten up your duty- the green are a nice colour. Oh and a few other plus points- in no particular order just as I thought of it-
1. that little sticker that you have to pull off to start the roll- comes off easily and does not tear other bags.
2. These are actually perforated so easy to pull off without tearing bags or struggling to find the end to tear off.
3. Fits in every dispenser I have, they have a centre core so rolls really easily. Cardboard so goes right in recycling.
4. Bottoms are SEALED. No holes, totally sealed.
5. Thankfully NOT scented. NO fake nasty migraine inducing gross perfumey “scent” on these ones! It’s poop people we all know what it smells like. 😂
6. $14.99 fast free ship for 1080 bags
7. Friendly commutative customer service
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