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Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2021
Let me first say I’ve been an X-Men fan for longer than I care to admit. My favorite storyline to come out while I was reading was Age of Apocalypse. I stopped reading in High School, because… life happened, and rarely picked up an issue until Johnathan Hickman started this Reboot on Krakoa and I’ve been hooked since. My favorite titles are Hellions, Marauders, and X-Factor (RIP). I thought that X-Of Swords was a joke of an Event, it could have been an E-Mail. All this build up and drama for… drinking games and dance off competitions? The lead up was better than the story itself.
There was a lot of Hype behind this Restart of the Main X-Title because fans got to “Vote” on their favorite team. I was sad to see Polaris join the team because I knew that would end the X-Factor title. But glad Rogue was brought back from Excalibur, where she made no sense.
So I was very disappointed in this premiere issue of the new X-Men run. Johnathan Hickman is no longer writing this particular title, but is still overseeing all of X. I felt like this was the Pilot Episode for a Cheap Kids Action Show. It was very formulaic, you could see all the strings. “Look, here we are, let’s introduce our powers and demonstrate how great we work together by building a Might Mutant Power Ranger Mega Xord! Rogue GO! Polaris GO! Cyclops GO! By our power combined we are Mega-X-MAN!” And that’s not exaggerating or lying. We are also introduced to some new Less-Than-Original Villains. Some Aliens with a Penchant for Gambling bet on weather earth can defeat the Random Giant Monster (which looks like something out of Power Rangers). We are also introduced to a *Secret* “Evil” villain … who lives QUOTE “In a particularly Evil Part of New Jersey” is this written for 6 year olds? It’s obvious who the “Secret” villain is because they spell it out in the beginning and pretend to act like it’s a secret. And calling a geographical area “Evil” haven’t we gotten past that? I mean… it’s been “The BrotherHood of Mutants” for a few decades now. For books that appeal to people with at least some what of a developed mind the Villains dont go around living in Evil parts of New Jersey on Evil Lane in a home called Evil Manor laughing maniacally claiming “HAHAHAH I AM SO EVIL!!!” While they twirl their mustache. Meanwhile the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man all show up to vanquish Rita Repulsa’s Monster. All of them have RECENTLY had very tense relations with mutants and the X-Men but are all chummy here. Meanwhile Jean’s flexing this new title like “Thanks, but we got this, this is our TV show that means WE win, not you.” This was not good. I am surprisingly disappointed with this Issue, and I’m not a fan of the direction it’s going. They chose the wrong writer, and who came up with this X-Men Power Rangers Concept? It fails miserably, someone needs to have a note put in their file and pull Gerry Duggan of this title ASAP
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