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Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2018
Barely made it past the first chapter. Main character meets love interest on the second page, with no prelude and barely any background. As soon as Jake is introduced, you have to read pages and pages telling you how kind, caring, honest, etc, he is, even though there's absolutely nothing available to support these judgments since he and the FMC have barely exchanged four words before she goes off about what great husband material he is. Between the immaturity the FMC displays by projecting a pile of positive character traits on a guy she literally just met thirty seconds ago, and the nonstop vague whining about her sister's "betrayal" (which might be suspenseful if it wasn't explained in the book description), the quality of this book is quite mediocre. Yet another example of a self published author who thinks she's too good for the editor she desperately needs.
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