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Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2021
A Magical New York Christmas is a lovely holiday offering by author Anita Hughes. Struggling writer Sabrina Post has landed the position of ghostwriter for famed 80 year old art dealer Grayson Prescott after her interview in his large suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The writing period is from the day after Christmas until New Year’s Eve. As an extra perk, Sabrina has been placed in a suite on the floor below so she is available whenever Grayson’s packed schedule allows. With interview time limited, Sabrina is left to her own devices to enjoy the beautiful Plaza with a lovely suite, meals to savor, and the wonder of the famed hotel at Christmas time.

On her first day at the Plaza, Sabrina crashes as soon as she gets in her room but wakes hours later with a growling belly. She goes in search of a snack but instead finds a lovely snoozing Englishman who wakes, startled at her presence, and offers to share his midnight meal with her. Neither tells much about themselves other than first names, but when Sabrina overhears a conversation Ian has with a MOMA representative, she believes he is Lord Braxton. He believes that she must be an heiress or CEO in order to stay at the Plaza. They are both wrong, but so very attracted to one another.

As Sabrina records Grayson’s memories, she comes full circle from his youthful connection to the Plaza and the lady he had fallen in love with as he worked for famous “Eloise” author Kay Thompson, until his visit now. Who was to know that Sabrina’s attraction to Ian would enable Grayson to find his lost love?

This is a delightful holiday story! Well written with genuinely likable characters and a lovely fairy tale setting, I found the storyline to be engaging and addictive. I very much enjoyed this book and I wholeheartedly recommend it!
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