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Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2004
If you participate in the tabletop gaming hobby that this novel is based on, you should enjoy this. If you begin reading this book with the same degree of interest in how a Chaos world functions as I did, then hopefully, you will travel through each description with a similar level of patience, objectivity, and warranted awe.

Ben Counter's descriptive style is on par with the best writers Games Workshop/The Black Library have to offer. He was able to develop different characters that drove parallel plotlines and expertly tied them together as the story came to its conclusion. The surreal battle sequences are described with the masterful strokes of a painter, revealing vivid images within the mind's eye. Some of the battle sequences bring to mind a hypothetical synergy of 'Battle of the Pelennor Fields' in the Return of the King movie, drybrushed by Pinhead from 'Hellraiser'. It is epic in scale and for those of you who have sympathetic leanings toward the 40k concept of 'Chaos', you will understand when I say that many passages in the book are equally repulsive/seductive.

Other novels by Ben Counter, include "Grey Knights" or "The Bleeding Chalice". Both are equally as memsmerizing.
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