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Reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2021
Here the reader has Eric & Zad's story. The action is intense and grabs the reader from the first page. I was invested in Eric & Zad's story from the beginning. Both these main characters proved personable; each in their own way. Scientific nerd meets battle worn Zadaenae aka/Zad fresh from the Tarviisan fight pits. She has only had herself to rely on until this white knight comes to save her butt; he just doesn't have much where with all to do it. Afterall, Eric is not doesn't have the build of his fellow shipmates but Zad's situation beckons to him to try. Eric is shy, words don't come easy to him, and he stumbles to compliment Zad. And suggestions from fellow Warborne just add humor to the mix. True to Ms. Carter's writing style laughs come, and chuckles abound. But the seriousness of the plot can't be ignored. Threats to Zad come from an unexpected alien but taking the Krynassis culture into account the reader must chalk it up to jealousy. All the crew is present for this book and lend much to this plot. Each woman or female shows her strength in combatting enemies. And a new character, Princess Ameria, shows herself a force to reckoned with.
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