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Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2018
As a mental health therapist in private practice and a person who has had many emotionally abusive relationships (familial, work, romantic, friends), I found this book to be very very useful on many levels. Also, the book is very timely for myself professionally (clients coming in with similar issues) and personally (just realized fairly recently what the truth of my life has been with specific people). Thank you Shannon for writing such a useful book! One thing though I did find as a problem. I ordered a paperback book and the fonts are huge! I am not sure if it was the printing of this particular book I bought or if it is consistent with all of the print versions of this book, but I think you should know it really makes it feel a bit unprofessionaly done. I think you might want to speak with your editor and publisher about correcting this for future printings. It makes it look like it was self published. That is my only complaint. The book is wonderful and so needed! Thank you, Amy Phillips, EdD, LCPC
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