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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 20, 2021
This fourth book of Mary Wine's Highland Rogues Series takes place right after the last book. It is Terin Campbell's escape from the Duncan family. This is a tale of a woman who is determined to survive and make her own choices in life instead of blindly being controlled by men. Along the way she discovers a man, Jasper Chattan, a third son, who is also determined to make his way in the world. Together they forge a future I found an interesting tale of finding home and happiness. I knew I liked Jasper from the previous book. Terin was a surprise to discover with her heart looking to be loved.

Terin's bully of a husband Goron, the Duncan Laird was dead, leaving her a virgin after four years of marriage. Her dominating mother-in-law, Benedicta was also dead, by her own plans for Terin so it was her time to escape. Benedicta tried to poison her. Terin turned the tables on her and had the poisoned meal delivered to Benedicta instead. Disguising herself as a lad, she strikes out on foot to find her widowed Aunt Davonna. Terin has heard her home on Chattan land is sanctuary taking in widows and orphans. This is when we find Jasper Chattan returning home from book 3, The Highlander's Captive. His sister Kianna, was the too young prospective bride for Rolfe Munro. When forced to find sanctuary during a snow storm, Jasper is drawn to the bedraggled lad he finds at poor excuse for an inn. The lad is hungry, half frozen and being left to fend on the floor of the over crowded inn. This starts the story of two strong individuals determined to find a place and happiness for their futures. Jasper quickly sees through Terin's disguise to see she's a woman escaping from somewhere and he determines to help her escape. He finds himself fascinated with her but uncertain to her she a spy or just desperate? I loved watching them fall in love.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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