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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2017
Well made quality product costing less than half the price of the comparable Eagle Creek compression cubes. It is very lightweight, and compresses down nicely when not over-packed.

Note that this is completely soft-sided (like the regular Eagle Creek compression cubes, but not the newer Structured cubes), so if you try to pack it with too many clothes, you will end up with a large bulge in the center that is almost as large as the uncompressed product. The newer Eagle Creek Pack-It Structured Cube solves this problem by adding lightweight stiff plastic inserts at the top-and-bottom -- one of which is removable and doubles as a neat folding board. This Tripped does not have the structure (or the neat folding board).

I am looking for maximum compression, so I cut two pieces of medium-weight cardboard a little smaller than the face size and put one in the bottom under the clothes and the other on top to keep the center flat (and provide a folding guide). However, I wish Tripped would include something directly as I'm sure they could find something more sophisticated than cardboard.

If/when they do, I hope they will als include some liner around the compression zipper to prevent snagging - similar to what they already do on the regular zipper. It's not a problem with regular compression, but when trying to compress extra clothes down in it would really help.

(Note -- another trick I found to get maximum compression and have the cube be flat in the middle is to insert the packed-and-compressed cube into a sealed vacuum compression travel bag and then press out the remaining air in the middle.)
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